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The laidback seaside villages of Tarkarli & Deobag hold in their lush embrace a sandy slice of heaven "Saagar Sangam - The Resort." Sprawled across an expanse of 30,000 square feet, Saagar Sangam Resort enjoys the picturesque waterfront of Karli River. The confluence of the Karli River and the Indian Ocean, which has prompted the name, is just 3 kilometres down South. Thus Saagar Sangam luxuriates in the natural bounties of both the sea and the river.

When a speedboat ushers you to the shores of Saagar Sangam and you step onto the private jetty, you are engulfed by a sense of grandeur. This is the destination where serenity meets abundance, indulgence meets exploration. The stretch of pink sands, calm turquoise waters sprinkled with surprise sightings of estuarial flora & fauna and the sumptuous lodging make for a perfect blissful recreation. Spend your days here listening to the rhythmic sound of the sea and the swaying of coconut palms, caching the memories in mind & on camera and reminding yourself as to why one needs to slow down once in a while.

Located on the Tarkarli – Deobag road, 7 km from Malvan in Sindhudurg, Saagar Sangam leads you through the scenic coastline speckled with some undiscovered natural secrets. Losing your way in the meandering alleyways here can be very rewarding. Saagar Sangam provides an ideal retreat for those who wish to get away from the city crowds and stress. Relish the sunshine with a dip in the azure &crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean or surrender to the urge for a romantic amble when the sun slips over the horizon or relax with a book or drink on the river bank and try your luck with fishing the delicious "Red Snapper". Welcome aboard a piece of paradise – Saagar Sangam.

History :

Paradise doesn't come easy though. The inception of Saagar Sangam is a testimony to humble origins. It makes a statement about how masterpieces come out of following one's heart against all odds. Little did Prakash Parab, a resident of a small hamlet near Malvan knew about the pioneering spirit he harboured, until he surrendered to his instincts and launched his venture, the Saagar Sangam resort in 2008. Every brick tells the tale of Prakash's struggle - living a frugal life toiling on the farm, trekking 20 km to attend college in Malwan, landing a job with the government, sticking to it for 35 years and then leaving this cushy job to steer the course of his life in an unchartered destination. The birth of Saagar Sangam was his way of reclaiming his life and pursuing his deepest yearning. After having trundled through the heart of some of the toughest terrains across the world and navigating extensively across Europe, America, Canada and China, Prakash finally found his passion. Armed with a steely resolve, he changed the doubts of his near ones into convictions. He built his team by employing his own people, the locals. This indigenous zest is apparent in the local Malvani cuisine and the warmth of the regional customs. The idea of 'leisure' in this remote lap of nature was unknown. He resolved it.

His wide travel repertoire is reflected in meticulous selection of amenities designed & implemented for the convenience of the guests. The resort adheres to indulging standards in terms of the facilities and the services it offers. It also prides itself on its eco-friendly practices like the use of biogas, solar power and recycling of waste.

Saagar Sangam aims to carve a special identity for the charming seaside villages of Tarkarli -Deobag on the map of Maharashtra. Unravel Sindhudurg's best kept secret at Saagar Sangam.


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